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FOX News
Dec 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
to get state county and city laws, you need to read the bigger bill. >> he helps little guys deal with this. >> this is an agenda of control for the own pace space. that's why regulators do what they do. >> come on. they are not power freaks. >> i am guessing you haven't dealt with very many bureaucrats. they like rules and they live to enforce rules. >> they are under paid government bunk. i call these regulators little emperors. they justify it by creating regulations. >> even barney is a magician. >> i became a full-time magician. >> can't take it any more. >> he has entertained kids for many years. like many he uses a rabbit. >> they make the rabbit mag story abeer. >> a few years ago. >> i was signing autographs taking pictures. a batch was thrown into the mix and an inspector was saying let me see your license. she said from now on you cannot use your rabbit until you fill out the paperwork pay the $40 license fee. we will have to inspect your home. >> your home? >> i am subject to sur prides inspections on my home. >> she is not embarrassed? >> she is serious. >> he's guilt
FOX News
Dec 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
. mark said it in the 19th century property is set. >> compare the country side to cities like shanghai. >> i visited shanghai about 30 years ago. none of these buildings existed at this time. it is incredible what happens if you change the rules of the game. >> what should the rules of the gaug game be? >> it has to say and recognize who really owns what. because how you relate to the assets you have determines how you relate to the rest of the world. we work on paper and plastic. if you don't have what you own in paper and plastic you can't play the game. >> the idea of a d protecting property seems simple but it is very powerful. all of this commerce between total strangers it wouldn't happen otherwise. it applies to more than skyscrapers and factories. thoenl work because of deed like paper work that we trust because we have rules of law. >> what i am trying today is roughly 1,000 contracts that represents 40,000 head of cattle. i never see this battle. i have never been outside chicago to the west to see where these around males are. >> in the united states and western europe your
FOX Business
Dec 1, 2013 9:00pm EST
city areas where private property can help protect animals. >> we believe that ownership provides the best incentives for conservation. john: most of the buffalo are owned by private ranchers, but there are still ome in state parks or one state park. one has a roundup. >> and they are actually treating their bison most like private ranchers are, making them pay. what they do is once a year for 45 years they have this huge round with a bring in their 1500 bison. tourists come from all over the world among pay money to watch these bison get heard it, and all wild west fashion with cowboys and cowgirls, and the bison come sweeping down the planes. e earth shakes. they did move in the corrals, and we all go eat bison murders after words. the point is, the park is making money from the tourism. then about a month later they auction off a portion to private ranchers and they're also making money now wait. all that money goes back into custer state park to pay for operations of the park. so they're paying their own way. john: more benefit from profit. coming of, how government made the i
FOX Business
Dec 8, 2013 12:00am EST
the best person running period but just to say i'm an independent makes me lose work in the city. john: really? >> no question. it has come back to me trust me. i have spent on said i get tired of people's opinions i am not even a agree i just point out where my viewpoints are different than that is the death to get people to turn off they get a green ian devotional. there is no facts only emotion. when i said i voted for reagan i was in canada they said you are such an educated. >> i work with 12,000 kids the best after-school program in the state for inner-city kids 12,000 kids we have a 90 percent graduation rate. john: but because you vote a certain way? >> it is the indoctrination but i keep asking socialism? how does it work? >> in hollywood carry about obamacare does not affect them. john: the biggest cause is saving the earth and climate change. here is a commercial done by harrison ford. >> when rainforest are slasheand burned their releases tons of carbon into the air we breathe. the changes our climate. it hurts. every bit of rain forest cut down over there really hurts us o
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)